Why slut shaming DOES NOT WORK AND NEEDS TO STOP: Im a slut. If you like to have sex and you arent a big straight male you’re a slut. Oh no. What the fuck is wrong with people? I cant believe people actually think that slut shaming is an effective way to get a reaction out of someone. I cant believe people think its okay to slut shame. As people, cis terms or not, doesnt matter who you are, you should be able to have sex as much as you’d like without getting shit (: People who have sex and slut shame are actually fucking idiots! It should not matter whether you are having sex with one person or ten people. Your sex life is your sex life. Nobody elses fucking business. Even if you arent having sex with anyone thats still your business and dont let anyone tell you different. I just got an anon saying im a thot, its funny because i bet the person that sent that to me likes to fuck. So what? Thats their business. Your sex life shouldnt have anything to do with your status or class. What if someone doesnt have sex with other people, but has sex with themselves all the time? You wouldnt call them a slut. People need to get it through their thick ass skulls that sex isnt anyone elses business but yours. So shut the fuck up with your slut shaming. Its not helping.

i think that last anon was calling you a thot, dude.

I wasnt saying thanks as in “Oh thank you thats so kind” but thanks biotch as in oh fuck u i dont give a fuck.. Call me a fuckin thot or a hoe or a whore or a slut i dont give a fuck. Oh no!! i like to have sex??? I LIKE TO FUCK PEOPLE HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS OMG I LIKE SEX I BET THEY FUCK ALL time man.


babies need to shut the fuck up and get a job

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u so thothothothothot

Oh thanks biiiiiioootttcchhh

Ur a lil bitch mry mee hun <33333333

Damn you are just full of shit arent you? Why dont you go take a bath in all that shit?


This is a very dumb question. Why are you asking me this? Why are you on anon? Are u the asshole prick? Or just some giddy cow tipper? Either way i wanted to say that everyone needs breaks, esecially when going down hill. Without breaks you could crash, and fly through the windshield. If you are talking about this on some deep ass level then once again, yes everyone needs a fucking break. I know i do. Im sure you could use one too.

I’d rather smoke weed than deal with my problems


I’d rather smoke weed than not be able to sleep, eat, or go through my life without excessive body pain.

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